Poisoning of the Mind 18×27 Canvas


A Limited Edition Series of only 420 prints per image. Beautifully printed on high quality canvas with latex ink on oversized 18″ wide x 27″ tall.

420 in stock

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Poisoning of the MindIndeed, And it is or was a poisoning of my mind which led to the demise of my true LOVE. The routine of daily life and the years of mistreatment reached a boiling point when I made accusations. I have been told by elders: that to accuse a good woman of misdoing and to be wrong, is the worst cut that you can deal that person. I can say from experience that I concur. Time also was not my friend, as I made no attempt to mend my words quickly. I was blind and wrong to have taken for granted the LOVE and care that was being expressed to me.

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18"WIDE x 27" TALL


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